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We are here to bring the incredible experiences and stories of Irish whiskey to the masses. Once the most popular spirit in the world, Irish whiskey is experiencing a revival fueled by innovation, expertise and heritage.


Improve your knowledge of whiskey, and learn about Ireland's best brands and distilleries.


Organise your collection, keep track of all your tastings and ratings. Create wishlists and catalogue your own collection.


Master whiskey tasting and develop your palate by tracking your tasting and comparing with the experts.


Discover the whiskeys that are making us sit up and take notice, the whiskeys that we believe are right for you and the whiskeys that our community is enjoying. Read official tasting notes or add your own with a quick and powerful tasting companion. See how your palate compares to the official notes and even the rest of the world, with immediate feedback on your choices.


Browse and learn about hundreds of expressions, brands, distilleries and stories. At every step along the way, you will learn more about the process, the recipes, the ingredients and the history behind the whiskeys you love today and the ones you will love tomorrow.

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Our powerful Search will help you find exactly what you are looking for, whether it is a Single Cask release or something with a little peat (yes, Irish whiskey has an incredible selection of peated expressions to choose from). With our bottle scanner you can simply point your phone at any bottle to learn more about it.

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